GiveVision is a Class 1 cert. medical device that restores sight for patients who are diagnosed with untreatable sight loss. There are some 45 million people with such conditions in the USA and Europe alone. To date, GiveVision team has: (i) validated the technology- Engineered and tested device prototypes with patients. All hardware and software IP is proprietary (ii) validated the market – Fifty Prototypes sold at price point of up to UDS 4 000. Regulatory approval was granted registered Class 1 medical device.; and (iii) validated clinical efficacy. 400 Patientstook part in trials. Landmark clinical device study completed at the world-leading eye hospital and the results were published in prestigious medical journals.


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Research shows that over the past 30 years we have become 40% less empathic. However, the good news is that empathy and emotional intelligence can be taught. Peppy Pals has developed language-free games, TV-series, and books to highlight the importance of social and emotional intelligence and provide a time and cost-efficient solution to enable more children to practice these vital skills. Peppy Pals, innovative products are used worldwide to spark conversation between children and adults and equip children with the social and emotional skills they need to reach a prosperous future.



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Walk With Path was launched in 2014. Its first product, Path Finder, was taken to market in 2017. Path Finder – laser shoes for people with Parkinson’s – is a medical device available in Europe, Canada, and Hong Kong, and soon launching in the US. A second product, Path Feel – an active feedback insole to improve balance – is in development, with an expected launch in 2020. Walk With Path has been recognized by prizes from leading institutions such as the European Investment Bank, Vodafone, Cartier, and IDEO, as well as by media such as the BBC, New Scientist, Financial Times, Guardian, Forbes, New York Times, Huffington Post and more.

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Piano C wants to give a voice to neglected resources, starting with women, and to change the rules of the labor market, so it becomes more inclusive and innovative. Piano C provides assistance to women who want to re-enter the job market, helping them to redefine their professional identity, to strengthen their skills and enlarge their network through work design methods. It also provides counseling to female entrepreneurs, promotes advocacy with different stakeholders, and develops activities with families so they can achieve a better work-life balance, including a more balanced share of responsibilities between men and women.

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MyMind is the first and largest blended model of mental health care in Ireland and is putting Ireland at the forefront of mental health innovation. MyMind has created a unique movement for community-based mental health services that work towards giving every person in EU equal access to mental health support early, affordably, directly, without stigma or delay. The social enterprise, charity, and service provider demonstrate a unique, and exceptionally effective and scalable model of mental health care support, in terms of both social impact and cost-effectiveness, ultimately having a lasting overall impact on in the way mental health services are delivered.

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Matter is an award-winning manufacturing business that upcycles the production waste of our most beloved products, like coffee, wine, and beer into materials that extend the life-cycle of existing products and reduce the constraint on virgin resources. It excites us to be able to bring new and meaningful materials into the market and to understand the waste that our most beloved daily products produce.

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