Steven Serneels

Chair of EVPA

Next to chair of EVPA, Steven is also chair of EVPA’s Corporate Initiative. During his career, he has been working over 20 years with both executive teams of corporates to reshape their strategies towards an inclusive business, and social entreprises, to create impact at scale.

In 2011, he joined Ashoka Global, Washington, as strategic advisor. In this capacity, he focussed on how citizen sector organizations (and social entrepreneurs in particular) and corporations can work together successfully in creating social impact at scale in a commercially viable setting. Since then, he has been working together with many social entreprises, investing in some of them.

Having worked with both social and business actors, his focus today is very much on the sweet spot where doing business and doing good are coming together.

Steven is also an investor and member of the Investment Committee of SI², a for profit social impact fund, providing growth capital to European for profit social enterprises.

He is chairman of Kampani, a social impact investment fund to unlock the potential of entrepreneurial farming in the South, and board member of the Impact Investment Institute in UK.

Furthermore, he is board member of the Impact Investment Institute in UK and co-founder and chair of Iristick, an industrial smart glasses company blending Tech for Business with Tech for Good.

He is the (co-)author of papers and books on various topics dealing with the role of business in society, such as:

– EVPA’s report on ‘Corporate Social Impact Strategies – New paths for collaborative growth’; May 2016

– The book ‘Everyone Social: Can entrepreneurs save the world’, WPG/Manteau, 2016

– Stanford Social Innovation Review article: The Rise of the Corporate Social Investor; May 2020


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