Nathalie Kylander

Managing Director at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

As a Managing Director of the Foundation, Nathalie Kylander plays a lead role in sourcing new investments and working with the leadership of those organizations as an operating partner and board member as they grow to build capacity and to achieve their maximum impact. As a member of the Foundation’s senior leadership team, she also helps to execute the Foundation’s strategy and goals and contributes to its thought leadership and external outreach. Nathalie currently serves on the boards of DRK portfolio organizations Jaza Energy, Friendship Bench, Digital NEST, Greenwave, PHOOL (formerly HelpUsGreen), Laboratoria, The Center for Good Food Purchasing, and The Renewal Workshop. She previously served on the boards of DRK grantees EforAll, Foster America, Indus Action, Solutions Journalism Network, and Spark MicroGrants.