Michiel Elich

Executive Board | CEO Enviu

Michiel has been dedicating his professional live to creating change. He loves challenging the status quo. Taking new perspectives. Designing and implementing innovative strategies and business models. He has been doing this for over 20 years; within product development at Aegon, as a partner at consulting firm IG&H and since 2016 within Enviu.

Enviu has the ambition to drive dysfunctional markets, like plastics, textiles, shipping and food, towards becoming sustainable and inclusive. Enviu is a serial social entrepreneur, a pioneer that turns this huge ambition into action: creating, piloting and building game-changing business models and proving their viability. Enviu’s Theory-of-Chance is founded on this proof, showcasing to the market that it can be done differently, inspiring and inviting market players to join or follow. But we strongly believe in the saying that “If you think you can realize your dream alone then you’re not dreaming big enough”. If we really want this systemic change to happen, we need intense collaboration within a market or value chain, with partners and stakeholders joining forces for the greater good.

Driven (and frustrated) by the huge issues in these areas, Michiel is now specifically eager to build new circular, sustainable business models in the areas of Plastics and Food. He is therefore happy and grateful to discuss Enviu’s newest program – Mission Reuse – at EVPA and explore collaboration to realize the dream of fundamentally turning the tap on plastic waste.