Michail Alashkevich

Senior Vice-President at VEB.RF

Working experience include The Center for Strategic Research (Head of “Public Administration”), Ministry of Education and Science (Department Manager, Finance and Budget process, Methodology and Economics of Education and Science), Ministry of Finance (Deputy Department Manager for Social Services and Science).


Supervised monitoring and reform support for budget institutions, budget policy in education and sport. Worked in management consulting and led project teams at the National Training Foundation, IBS and Expert magazine.

Graduated from Krasnoyarsk State University, Faculty of Economics and finished graduate studies at MGIMO. MA in Political Science, Manchester University.

M.Alashkevich specializes in economy and finance of public sector, including budget policy, adaptation of legal norms, regulations, economic incentives and reforms of financial models for state and municipal institutions, financial sustainability of organizations and financial management quality. Responsibilities at VEB.RF include development of methodology of government support measures for investment projects, including government guarantees, financial audit, new financial instruments for development of social services, project management and regional development.

Michail has been promoting the idea of social impact bonds in Russia since 2017 and engaged federal and regional public authorities to make the first Russian SIB happen in 2019 in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).