Lone Koldby

Leader and founder, Aktivitetsdosetten

Leader and founder of Aktivitetsdosetten/The Activity Dose, Lone Koldby is a trained physiotherapist from Denmark. Lone has 25 years of experience in elderly care and has studied health management in Norway were she now lives. She also holds an art degree in fine arts (painting& graphics)

Working in the nursing home she saw a need to place meaningful activities in the centre of care and systemize quality of life to reduce loneliness and depression.

She designed the Activity Dose, a non-profit organization helping elderly in care homes to have a meaningful life through individually tailored activities.

The vision is to make the Activity Dose a nationally and internationally recognized method that, through systematic use, reduces medication consumption and improves quality of life.

Lone was elected Ashoka Fellow in 2013 and was selected to the Changemaker United programme to help her scale internationally to care homes and families in Europe.