Inês Sequeira

Director and Founder, “Casa do Impacto” - Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

Lawyer by training, Inês left her own law practice in 2009 to make a difference in the public sector. Since then, she has been working with innovation and entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Lisbon and for the Portuguese Government. For Inês, it all comes down to  making the entrepreneurial tissue a driver to overcome social, economic and political challenges. In January 2018, she joined the five century old organization Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Lisboa, where she leads the Department of Entrepreneurship and Social Economy and is the Founder and Director of “Casa do Impacto” (House of Impact), a social innovation incubator/hub which open its doors last year, in a convent on one of the most stunning hills of Lisbon. Ines will share insights on how her project uses the inherent energy of young entrepreneurs and innovators for solving a number of social problems, such as exclusion, isolation and poverty.