Hannah Lux

Managing Director of Vollpension

Getting people to talk from heart to heart – that is Hannah’s mission and she has been doing this as managing director of Vollpension, first generation café in the middle of Vienna’s fourth district with a goal to bring young and old together. She runs this business since 2015 with passion, wit and charm, not only in conversation but especially in dealing with the “grandmas” as they are affectionately known, who work here. 45 senior citizens work here with 30 younger colleagues and for the last six years together they baked and served not only some of the most delicious cakes and pastries in Vienna but also numerous life stories. There are many happy but also sad stories, where one can see that older people are really alone and do not know how things should go in the next few years. The social work is certainly what makes Hannah’s heart beat so if you believe that today we need even more spaces where we can communicate authentically with one another and where we can do and talk from heart to heart, you should meet Hannah not only to inspire you but also to discuss what was needed so that she could succeed in this amazing social business endeavor.