Elena Durán

Founder of 55+

Elena graduated in Management, Marketing and Communication from the University of Malaga and the European Business School in Salamanca (Spain).

Elena worked at Unilever in Portugal for 8 years, started her career as a trainee and developed Business Management, Marketing, Sales and Strategy functions, having been placed for one year at the Rotterdam headquarters, in the Netherlands.

Before Unilever, she worked at a Customer Relationship Management Company in Madrid, ARTYCO, where she managed Relational Marketing campaigns for several national and international clients.

Driven by a huge passion about People, social impact and a strong internal purpose; she decided to found 55+ in November 2017, a social enterprise that values and integrates people 55 years old and over who are inactive (for unemployment or retirement reasons) through the recognition of their knowledge and skills transforming them into local services that meet the needs of the community.