Eka Datuashvili

Program Coordinator at Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia

Eka Datuashvili has 25 years of working experience in the field of the Project management, working with Civic organizations, Social Enterprises, communities, educational organizations, Governmental organizations and companies. Eka is one of the founders of the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG, founded in 1995), where she leads the Social Entrepreneurship Development Program since 2009.

Her dedication to boost the impactful changes positively reflected to numerous of inspirational leaders, for whom the financial and technical support was provided within the SE Program led by Eka. Before becoming the CSO leader, Eka has worked at the Parliament of Georgia. She has experience of working with the Government, Private and CSO sectors in order to enrich the SE program for reaching greater social changes.

She also has 20 years of training/consulting experience in organizational development, general management, strategic planning and Social entrepreneurship. Together with the experience of coordination, Eka is a researcher, exploring SE concept development trends on the international level as well as on the national level, in particular, she focused on state support mechanisms towards the SE concept development. Eka also is editor in chief of the first social enterprise textbook in Georgian.