Disco Bingo Online Show

JanJaap Hoekstra & Henk Duursma

DBOS are JanJaap Hoekstra & Henk Duursma, two longtime d-jay friends that have been spinning a wide range of styles back to back at parties and events nationwide and internationally. Some 5 years ago they stepped into the showlights presenting a ‘live’ music quiz in a Bingo format in bars that needed to spice up the slow nights. It didn’t take long to create a following and bring the Disco Bingo to a next level. The DBOS started playing at business events, teambuilding sessions, special occasions and many more. Covid 19 gave us the opportunity to make the switch to online events. And here we are..

We can be reached at: DiscoBingoOnline@gmail.com



  •   September 21, 2020  |   17:00 - 17:30  | Disco Bingo