David Van Reybrouck

Author & Initiator G1000

Writer David Van Reybrouck (Bruges, 1971) is one of the leading authors of his generation. He studied archeology and philosophy at the universities of Leuven and Cambridge and obtained his PhD in Leiden. Digging and thinking are still at the heart of his work. Thorough research (through interviews, conversations or archives) feeds his stories. Moreover, his storytelling is as versatile as it is resourceful.

In 2011, he kickstarted the G1000 project, the platform for democratic innovation that aims to increase citizen participation in democratic decision-making. He wrote “plea for populism” and “against elections” and closely followed the climate case in Belgium as ambassador and co-plaintiff. In his latest opinion piece, he breaks a lance for “preferenda” in the climate debate. How to really involve citizens in a more ambitious but much-needed climate policy?