Claire Barnhoorn

CEO and Founder Solvoz

Claire Barnhoorn is a long term humanitarian, entrepreneur and speaker regarding responsible innovation, supply and challenging system changes required in humanitarian and development aid. She previously held various positions within  MSF (Doctors without Borders) and worked as an advisor for various NGOs and UN agencies (like UNICEF and UNHCR).

Claire works for about 15 years in humanitarian aid and aid logistics with a growing focus on data, technology & innovation. People describe her as a human HDMI – USB cable. She interacts between humanitarian agencies, (data) scientists, innovators and private sector. She is dedicated  to support (data-driven) innovation and accelerating change for improvements in the humanitarian sector.

Claire is the founder and CEO of Solvoz, the responsible planning and procurement platform in aid. Solvoz host an open access catalogue with expert knowledge, translating needs in a context into responsible solution packages. Solvoz actively operationalizes the localization of aid, and increases the efficiency, transparency and ethical integrity of procurement.