Bianca Polidoro

Senior Policy and EU Partnerships Manager, EVPA

Bianca is EVPA’s Senior Policy and EU Partnerships Manager and member of the the European Commission’s Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises (GECES). She joined EVPA in February 2019. She leads the EVPA Policy’s team, which monitors and analyses key policy developments relevant to the VP/SI sector, and implements the multi-annual policy strategy of EVPA. She represents EVPA’s community towards EU authorities (EC, EIB, EIF etc.), as well as other multilateral bodies.

Bianca’s skills and knowledge are supported by a solid background in International and European Law, Environmental Economics and Sustainability field and by significant working experiences in policy development and in managing multi-stakeholder relations, which involved EU institutions, government representatives and other policy decision makers, business leaders, NGOs, research and academic sector.


  •   November 9, 2021  |   11:00 - 12:00  | EuroMillions