Alemka Lončar

Director at Hedona d.o.o.

Alemka is a director at social enterprise Hedona d.o.o. chocolate factory in Croatia. She is passionate about bringing together advancement in rural economy and social growth of a community, hiring more people with disability and creating opportunities for those in need. She is actively helping raising funds for social improvement in the small city of Križevci, expanding the current production to a new, larger production site. Thanks to an excellent education she has promptly advanced in the field of Food Manufacturing. Having previously worked as a Technical Manager and a Quality Assurance Technologist, her goal has always been to bring new technologies and higher quality standards into Food Manufacturing. At her current position, she is devoted to an overall development of the company, bringing together many people to create high quality chocolate products. Her impact on the society has been recognized by many local associations, further connecting her vast knowledge and experience to ensure constant growth. Alemka will share views on the most critical barriers and obstacles facing in overcoming not only the latest covid crisis but all those already behind us.