Young & Restless

  November 9, 2021     11:00 -  12:00     Online

Tackling growing youth unemployment: Economic opportunities for All

We will explore how investors for impact work in the current crisis context to achieve better outcomes, and to inspire and drive change towards societal recovery and transformation.

During the past decade, youth unemployment and inequality has been increasing and it is expected this will further increase due to the consequences of Covid-19. At the same time a crisis brings new opportunities and allows reshaping approaches to collaborate in a different and more innovative way. Defining common purpose and working towards the shared vision is at the core of the partnership between JA Europe and NN Group to achieve sustainable change at both individual and societal levels. We aim to support young people by preparing them to the global economy regardless of their background. Creating economic opportunities for all requires solutions on both the supply (youth) and the demand (employers) side of the labour market. JA Europe is the largest non-profit in Europe dedicated to preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship while NN Group within NN Future Matters programme is empowering young people to support them in growing their economic opportunities. The partnership brings demonstrated experience to highlight the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration between a civil society organisation and the private sector, as well as identifying challenges, solutions and opportunities while supporting and preparing young people for their future.

During the interactive session JA Europe and NN Group will invite the participants to discuss key challenges and dilemmas within initiatives tackling youth unemployment (bringing the joint initiative the Economic Opportunities for All Initiative as an example).

Meet the speakers

Salvatore Nigro

CEO, JA Europe

Lonneke Roza

Manager Community Investment, NN Group

Effie Chrysou

Co-Founder, 3S School Synergy Snacks

Cornel Amariei

CEO & Co-Founder .lumen