World café challenges discussions

  November 4, 2021     11:00 -  12:00     The Hague Impact Fest

The session is divided into rounds. Participants are divided into different tables and change tables every 10 minutes. At each table, the challenges and opportunities related to each category of funders of funds are discussed. At the end of the process, the main ideas are summarised in a plenary session and possibilities for follow-up are discussed.

The tables will be hosted by:

  • DOEN Foundation
  • European Investment Fund
  • International Climate Finance Acceleration (ICFA)
  • Telos Impact

Meet the speakers

Elodie Donjon

Investment Manager, Investments, Technology & Innovation, European Investment Fund

Stephan Peters

Managing Director, International Climate Finance Accelerator

Flavie Gayet

Impact Investing Manager, Telos Impact

Nicolas Lahaye

Community Associate, EVPA