Women on the job market in the post-covid reality

  September 24, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

This session focuses on changes affecting women in the labour market caused by the pandemic economic crisis. It will present experiences from NESsT Empowers programme in Poland on upskilling, reskilling women into IT and digital jobs in the context of COVID crisis impacting the job market.

The objective of the session is to get key insights and share experiences and best practices in the area of:

  • Training and Placement at risk women
  • The value of Gender Equal Recruitment
  • Virtual recruitment and management

From this session we aim to have the right answer on:

  • What measures should be taken as soon as possible to not only alleviate the negative effects of the crisis but also to equip women with the skills required by the market?
  • What is the role of social enterprises in training and placing at-risk women into dignified jobs?

Session format: Roundabout


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Meet the speakers

Agnieszka Czmyr-Kaczanowska

Co-founder of mamopracuj.pl, Vice President of Mamo Pracuj Foundation

Filip Wadowski

Country Director at NESsT Poland