Top-10 barriers for inclusive employment and entrepreneurship in a green economy

  September 24, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

VSO will organise this session to focus on the top-10 barriers for inclusive employment and entrepreneurship in a green economy. Special attention will be given to both the supply and demand side on the labour market and underlining the importance of immediate action to promote planet-friendly entrepreneurship. Experts are invited to share insights based on their experience, research and case stories.

The objectives are to learn from each other, share insights and determine the most critical barriers to make sure we design our interventions (and social investments) in such a way that we get the most effective approach with the most efficient social investments. From this session we aim to have the right input to create a shared position paper that helps to seek the best possible solutions for (investing in) creating inclusive and green employment and entrepreneurship including youth, women and people with disabilities in Africa and Asia.

Session format: Roundabout


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Meet the speakers

Erik Ackerman

Director, VSO Nederland

Daniel Nwaeze

Global Youth Coordinator, GAPMIL Youth Sub-Committee