The COVID-19 effect on the Sustainable Development Goals – what can social investors do to “build back better”?

  September 23, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

COVID-19 further accelerated existing problems and injustices vs. the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To recover in a resilient and durable way, a return to ‘business as usual’ and environmentally destructive investment patterns must be avoided. We need to align our Investments with the overarching approach to “build back better” set by the UN and the OECD. Building on the knowledge of impact of COVID-19 on the SDGs, the participants of the workshop will attempt to develop solutions to build back better.

The group work is going to be structured around certain SDGs (3, 4, 6) to enable focused discussions in each of the three groups.

Session format: Workshop

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Meet the speaker

Alexander Lattmann

CEO, blueplanet Investments