Opening & panel discussion

  November 4, 2021     09:10 -  10:30     The Hague Impact Fest

This session will be a warm personal welcome by Roberta Bosurgi and Martijn Blom.

During the panel discussion afterwards, the speakers will share learning, insights and strategic considerations linked to the experience of funding impact funds. They will discuss which criteria do funders of fund look at when deciding of funding (or not), what type of funds they actually select and what enabling conditions would help increasing the resources invested in impact funds.

Meet the speakers

Martijn Blom

Lead Benelux & Impact Funds Initiative, EVPA

Idriss Nor

Executive Director Impact Investments, The DOEN Foundation

Elodie Donjon

Investment Manager, Investments, Technology & Innovation, European Investment Fund

Michael Feigelson

CEO, Van Leer Group