New Foundations

  November 9, 2021     10:00 -  11:00     Online

Is COVID-19 a catalyst for change in foundations practice?

Different large foundations will answer the following questions to showcase how they leveraged the crisis as a catalyst for innovations in processes and practices.


Statement #1: Covid has changed the dynamics of the relationship foundations have with their stakeholders 

But is this true? Did something change in the way foundations deal with grantees / investees but also with the public sector?

Statement #2: Foundations are going back to normal 

But is this true? Will the changes foundations adopted to face the Covid pandemic remain in future Foundation practice?

Statement #3: The crisis has impacted differently the capacity of delivering impact Investing instruments compared to grant-making 

But is this true? Has the crisis shown particular advantages /disadvantages of impact investing instruments over grant-making?


Session co-organised in partnership with the European Foundation Centre, as part of the EVPA-EFC co-branded Initiative “Foundations Along the Spectrum of Capital”.

Meet the speakers

Markus Lux

Senior Vice President Global Issues, Robert Bosch Stiftung

Beau-Anne Chilla

Impact Investment Manager, DOEN Participaties

Marco Gerevini

Fondazione Cariplo

Francisco Palmares

Project manager, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Hanna Surmatz

Enabling Environment Manager, the EFC

Alessia Gianoncelli

Head of Knowledge, Community and Market Development, EVPA