Musical Hiatus

  September 22, 2020     17:00 -  17:30  

These three finalists selected from the Prémio Novos Talentos Ageas competition in 2019 will take you on a musical journey.  Rute Rita (Fado), Pedro Borges (Piano) and the Maat Saxophone Quartet (Pedro Silva, saxofone soprano; Catarina Gomes, saxofone alto; Daniel Lourenço, saxofone tenor e Ana Oliveira saxofone barítono) were all chosen by the public during several concerts held in 2019.

The Grupo Ageas Portugal and Casa da Música joined forces to create the “Prémio Novos Talentos Ageas” in order to encourage the work of emerging musicians and theirs “high artistic potential” in the areas of creation, interpretation and performance on stage. Young musicians up to 35 years of age, with Portuguese nationality or residence in Portugal, of all musical genres, can compete for this award, in which the Grupo Ageas Portugal is the Maecenas.

The winner will be chosen, again by the public, in a special concert to be held on the 3rd of October at Casa da Música, Oporto.

This is a very special and important award because it allows the organisers to promote and support young musicians.  In our musical hiatus, you receive a taste of what can be expected in Oporto.

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