Mind the Difference

  November 9, 2021     10:00 -  11:00     Online

Funding for funds: how to mobilise resources for additionalists?

As impact investment becomes mainstream, a larger pool of asset owners are looking into ways to go beyond ESG and engage in impact investing. However, it is crucial to differentiate between impact funds that have an intention to generate a positive and measurable impact (i.e. investing with impact) and those that embrace additionality (i.e. investing for impact). We will dive into crucial questions such as: How can highly-engaged impact funds attract funding? What are examples of asset owners committed to support them? How does this differ from investment in other impact funds? 

Meet the speakers

Antonio Miguel

Managing Partner, MAZE

Zoe Peden

Principal, Ananda Impact Ventures

Dr. Bryan Scheler

Impact Investing, Sustainable Finance & ESG, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Chiara Borneman

Senior Associate, Impact Investing at Phenix Capital Group