Lessons learned with Solvoz

  September 23, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

Solvoz is an e-procurement platform (B2B – with a subscription based business model) for the aid sector targeting aid agencies as well as government agencies (eg medical facilities). The Solvoz platform integrates a solutions database (open access expert knowledge) with a tendering platform. Solvoz is a novel system innovation, enabling solutions thinking in a predominant product thinking environment. It connects all actors efficiently and effectively – knowledge based and scalable by definition. Solvoz’s support is unique by providing users with open access expert knowledge to identify a need, providing guidance regarding criteria and requirements and offering responsible solution packages. As soon as a user launches a tender Solvoz invites suppliers locally, regionally and internationally to bid. Click here for a short explainer video.

Solvoz facilitates an effective and responsible procurement process as well as provides transparent, efficient and accountable procurement processes. The Solvoz platform is developed by a team of professionals with a diverse background, all coming from the humanitarian and development sector, and is currently supported by FMO and the Philips Foundation. Solvoz will be internationally launched in October 2020. 

Session format: Roundabout


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Meet the speaker

Claire Barnhoorn

CEO and Founder Solvoz