Lessons Learned from 55+

  September 23, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

#Valuing and integrating elderly by everyday services marketplace

Currently Portugal has 2.5 million inactive people over 55 years old. Although many see age as an obstacle for an active life, we see it as an opportunity to do something one likes, contributing positively towards physical and mental health.

55+ was created so that people over 55 years old, retired or unemployed, can keep active lives by providing quality and trustworthy services to their community, where people tend to have less and less time for everyday tasks.

Those who offer the services guarantee a healthier, active and integrated life in the community, as well as a sometimes much-needed financial compensation.

Those who buy the service will meet real experts with years of experience in the most varied areas, whilst also supporting this important cause, which is essential to improve our society and our sense of local community.

We are a small team, eager to bring different generations together and fulfil the different needs of these groups who are all part of the same community.

By recognising, appreciating and giving value to the wisdom, which comes with age, this also gives value and empowers people themselves.

This is a new way to prevent and fight loneliness, as we promote an informal support network within the community.

Session format: Roundabout


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Meet the speaker

Elena Durán

Founder of 55+