Investing towards the tipping point to a sustainable textile sector

  September 23, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

Our current economic system does not meet the needs of society and the environment. There is an increasing need to shift from the current linear, fossil-based economy towards a more sustainable, less pollutive, regenerative, and inclusive economy. This session builds on DOEN’s experience in the sustainable apparel sector, and on how a systemic approach of funding can help accelerate the tipping point of a sustainable apparel sector. With stakeholders that work throughout the value chain and on different levels in the sector, we explore where we currently are in the transition, what the bottle necks are, how different interventions play a role in getting to the tipping point and what more is needed to get there.

  • Introduction by: Idriss Nor, DOEN Participaties, Director
  • Moderator: Ankie van Wersch, Enviu, Executive Board member and COO

Session format: Workshop


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Meet the speakers

Idriss Nor

Executive Director Impact Investing, DOEN Participaties

Ankie van Wersch-Lenders

COO-executive board member, Enviu

Marc Rasmussen

Impact Investment Manager with DOEN Participations

Lewis Perkins

President at Apparel Impact Institute

Laura Vicaria

CSR Manager & Digital Solutions