In search of dialogue and trust building between public authorities and impact investors

  September 22, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

Global impact investing market has doubled in the last two years, according to the GIIN 2019 Report and reached $715 billion in size, however, it represents only 1% of capital allocated globally. How to increase this number in order to build better future for next generations? VUCA-world is reflected in the sort of problems that impact investment is aiming to solve – complex multi-dimensional social issues that require a different approach and cooperation between public authorities and impact investors as key stakeholders. 10 years have passed since the first social impact bond was pioneered in the UK to solve complex social problems. Since then, over 190 impact bond projects have been launched 30 countries across the world. What is the current status quo of the relationship between public authorities and impact investors – is it helping to grow impact or can it be improved further? What are the main barriers which slow down the process? How much government support for impact investment is required or should the market be left to develop naturally? What are the best practices how to drive the cooperation between public authorities and impact investors forward? Who can play a role of the intermediary? How will the Generation Z contribute to the change of the paradigm? During this workshop we would like to exchange views and ideas on how governments are embracing the new financial instruments that require impact measurement and monitoring and invite all impact-minded people who are interested in discussion to participate.

Moderated by Alexandra Lebedeva, Managing Director, State Development Corporation “VEB.RF”

Session format: workshop


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Meet the speakers

Michail Alashkevich

Senior Vice-President at VEB.RF

Yaron Neudorfer

Co-Founder and CEO of Social Finance Israel

Inga Afanasieva

Senior Infrastructure Specialist in the Urban, Resilience and Land practice of the World Bank

Alexandra Lebedeva

Managing Director at VEB.RF