Impact management – aligning with the SDGs and improving impact

  September 24, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

Initial evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that those already suffering from the effects of increased inequality and poverty are experiencing effects of the global pandemic to a greater extent than other people. Therefore, for us all to emerge from this into a new normal and bounce back better, it is crucial that investors for impact work to increase impacts so that people around the world are more resilient to such extreme challenges in the future.

Adam Richards (Social Value International) will interview Lara Viada (Creas) and Aglaé Touchard-Le Drian (Raise Impact) and ask them about their experience in measuring impact, understanding how they reacted when some negative consequences came out of their investments and if they managed to improve their impact by addressing these issues. The conversation will also refer to the SDGs to explore its potential in terms of effective communication and its limitations when it comes to manage impact.

Session format: Workshop


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Meet the speakers

Adam Richards

Senior Manager, Social Value International

Aglaé Touchard-Le Drian

Partner, Raise Impact

Lara Viada

Principal at Creas