How to co-create systems change

  September 22, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

This session will showcase concrete methodologies to co-create systems change with multiple players. Methodologies will include Endeva’s approach, which brings together Design Thinking, Theory U and agile development approaches. It will also look into other pioneers in the space, including Forum for the Future and Ashoka, to discuss their approaches. Participants will have the opportunity to rapid-test the methodologies and reflect on how to apply them for their own work.


  • Introduction to what system change is and why it is relevant
  • Showcasing of 3 concrete methodologies and rapid testing in small groups and Q&A
  • Discussion on the relevance of these tools and how to apply them to VPs work

Session format: Workshop



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Meet the speakers

Dr. Christina Tewes-Gradl

Founder and Managing Director, endeva

Caroline Ashley

Director, Forum for the Future

Florian Rutsch

Co-Leader, Europe Fellowship Ashoka