How philanthropists can support risk-taking and innovation in the social sector

  September 22, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

Join this mini-workshop session (following Ann Mei Chang’s morning keynote) for a deeper dive into how philanthropists can support, encourage, and incentivize much needed risk-taking and innovation in the social sector.


  • When and where should funders consider promoting innovation?
  • Discuss barriers to risk-taking for philanthropists and nonprofits
  • Peer exchange: how could your funding mechanisms be adapted to drive transformative impact?
  • Discuss ideas and best practices for encouraging the disruptive ideas and smart risk-taking needed to address our biggest societal challenges

Session format: workshop


If you’re already registered, save your seat this session and the “Ask Me Anything” session that follows:


Meet the speaker

Ann Mei Chang

Social innovation expert and author