Heritage saving Initiative for high social impact – a model for public private partnership

  September 24, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

Saving heritage requires new models:

  • in terms of funding and business models as neither the public nor the private investors can provide anymore sufficient and efficient support if they are alone;
  • in terms of projects, to go beyond the transformation of heritage into cultural centres or luxury hotels, while these kinds of models have lasted for years.

In rural areas, a lot of exceptional monuments used to play a key social, economic and cultural role for various communities. Many of them can inspire innovative approaches of heritage saving that could help to tackle social challenges such as unemployment, inclusion or education and to reduce the gaps between rural and metropolitan areas.

Join this session to address the challenges of building strong and innovative partnerships and to share your experience about creating business models that encompass social objective and entrepreneurial mindsets.

Session format: Roundabout

Speaker: Alexia Noyon, Executive director of the Chartreuse de Neuville, France


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NB. This session takes place twice, at 14.00-14.45 and at 15.30-16.15 on the same day.

Meet the speaker

Alexia Noyon

Executive director, La Chartreuse de Neuville