Funding a Cure

  November 9, 2021     10:00 -  11:00     Online

Investing for impact in health: Medicine discovery and beyond

What is the role of philanthropists and social investors in health, and why is it so important to support social entrepreneurship? How can we bring together communities to identify and direct efforts in areas of high unmet need, from medicines discovery to improved health in underserved regions? Experienced investors will share their models and invite investors for impact to take action for making more health.


This session is co-organised with WeShare and Medicine Discovery Catapult

Meet the speakers

Dr. Ilka Wicke

Head of Making more Health, Boehringer Ingelheim

Jessica Lee

Head of Patient-Focused Partnerships, Medicines Discovery Catapult

Edward De Jager

Founder, We Share Ventures

Dr Deborah O’Neil

CEO, NovaBiotics