Designing a Mindfulness Impact Bond on anxiety in post-COVID’s uncertain times

  September 22, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

This session focuses on innovative solutions that could help solve one of Europe’s largest mental health issue, especially as its systems are weakened by the pandemic. The discussion will be axed on three axes: scoping the issue, existing practices & measures, and potential stakeholders. The objective of the session is to get key insights from the discussion that will serve as a stepping stone to researching a mindfulness impact bond:

  • Which practices/measures should the bond take into account?
  • Which economic segment is most vulnerable and should be targeted by the impact bond?
  • Who are the potential outcome funders, other than traditional health insurers, that could participate in this IB based on the target population

Session format: Roundabout


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Meet the speakers

Charles-Antoine Janssen

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, KOIS

Ilios Kotsou

Doctor in psychology and researcher