Data and AI at the service of social good

  September 24, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

We invite you to take part in this workshop focussing on Data and AI at the service of Social Good. Through the exploration of the experience of leading foundations and institutions, this session will identify the short-term impact that we can aim for when using AI and Data, as well as the obstacles currently slowing down progress. The conversation will look to outline how the power of Data and AI can be unlocked to release their full potential for the Impact Investing and Social Venture fields, as well as identify a new roadmap for the future of the sector and its Data and AI strategy. Topics will include:

  • Hybridisation between the profit and non-profit sectors, the transferable skills relevant to the social impact investing and VP world in the Data and AI field;
  • Through a European perspective, the importance of AI and machine learning for social impact measurement and management;
  • Thinking of the next generation, the application of Data and AI in the pursuit of the 2030 Agenda;
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing necessary to move forwards. The workshop will take the format of short initial presentations followed by a moderated conversation dealing with the most pressing questions from participants.

Session format: workshop


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Meet the speakers

Ciro Cattuto

Principal Data Scientist, ISI Foundation

Massimo Lapucci

Secretary General, Fondazione CRT

Stefan Germann

CEO, Fondation Botnar

Nuria Oliver

Nuria Oliver, Co-founder and Vice President at ELLIS (European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems)