Covid-19 crisis: a stress test for responsible business – Synergies between corporate social investors and their company social engagement

  September 21, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

We invite you for a discussion about the role of Corporate Social Investors (foundations, impact funds, social businesses) during the Covid-19 crisis and how they complement their affiliated company’s social engagement.

Join our session and engage in a conversation with our guest speakers Steven Braekeveldt (CEO, Ageas Portugal), Manoelle Lepoutre (Senior Vice President Civil and Society Engagement, TOTAL) and Lucie Klarsfeld (Hystra Partner – Consultant inclusive business).

We will:

  • Discover how the crisis has been an opportunity for the Corporates to address various stakeholders needs (employees, partners, civil society) complementing the role of Corporate Social Investors to generate high-scale social impact ?
  • Reflect on the opportunities and challenges of this collaboration
  • Discuss how those Corporate Social Investors can play a role of catalyser to make the Company business more sustainable and inclusive in the Build Back Better phase? What can be done to make the impact long-lasting?

Moderated by Sophie Faujour

Session format: workshop


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Meet the speakers

Sophie Faujour

Head of Corporate Initiative Development & France Country Manager, EVPA

Steven Braekeveldt

CEO, Grupo Ageas Portugal

Katrien Buys

Director Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability, Grupo Ageas Portugal

Lucie Klarsfeld

Partner, Hystra

Manoelle Lepoutre

Senior Vice President Civil and Society Engagement, Total