Building an inclusive society facilitating job access for the NEETS – scaling in Europe through system change approach (repeat)

  September 21, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

Youth employment, social cohesion and economic efficiency are intimately linked. But do the conditions for their success really exist? The COVID crisis will have a greater impact on the most disadvantaged populations and, at the centre, young graduates who finish their studies and are the first victims of the dramatic decline of employment.

Mozaïk Foundation (founded 10+ years ago and pioneer in the field of inclusive recruitment in France) tackles the problem of discrimination in job access as a whole, to contribute to collective impact initiatives with a systemic change approach, to strengthen public-private collaboration. As heading to this next development phase with among other plans the challenge of hybridation of its business model, some specific questions will guide this session:

  • Which insights and case stories about system change approach can be shared?
  • Who are the potential philanthropic funders that could partner with this journey?
  • Which operational partnerships and bridges should be taken into account to prepare the scaling in Europe?

Session format: roundabout


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NB. This session takes place twice, at 14.00-14.45 and at 15.30-16.15 on the same day.

Meet the speaker

Nicolas Macabéo

Director, Fondation Mozaïk