Beyond grant-making: How Foundations can combine their philanthropic work with mission-aligned investing to create outsized impact

  September 21, 2020     14:00 -  14:45  

The session is based on data from an April 2020 report from the Toniic Impact network (T100 focus report: Foundations on the road to 100%). The report surveyed US and European foundations representing $1.7 billion in committed capital and explored the tensions, challenges, and successes in working toward deeper alignment between their capital deployment and their overall mission.

The workshop session will aim to:

  • Shed light on how foundations can deploy the full spectrum of capital towards early stage mission-aligned organizations to achieve change.
  • Discuss the role of early stage unrestricted catalytic capital in contributing towards catalyzing change for vulnerable populations across the world.
  • Demonstrate examples of how building strong organizations and scale strategies can drive impact with philanthropic capital and use DRK’s expertise as an example of how this could be achieved.
  • Discuss and exchange ideas on what key resources (in particular human capital, impact measurement resources, etc.) are required in particular for foundations to expand their capital deployment into mission-aligned investing.
  • Share experiences on specific ideas on how philanthropic capital could be deployed towards promoting inclusive, catalytic change reducing vulnerabilities in a post COVID environment to support systems level change.

Session format: Workshop


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Meet the speakers

Kanini Mutooni

Managing Director, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Jim Bildner

CEO at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Stephanie Khurana

Managing Director and Member, Operating Committee at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Nathalie Kylander

Managing Director at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Lisa Jordan

Managing Director at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Premal Shah


Jeff Denby

Co-founder, Renewal Workshop