Astrotourism and the SDGs: Dark Night Skies, COVID-19 and economic recovery (repeat)

  September 24, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

In this session, we will explore astrotourism’s potential to create sustainable livelihoods in remote communities, stimulating economic recovery and reducing migration.

The objective of the session is to inspire the audience by presenting a unique project that uses the sustainable resource of Dark night skies as a catalyst for development in rural communities. This form of development not only creates livelihood opportunities for the area but also creates a holistic model of growth.

The potential of its replication due to availability of night skies around the world can be an inspiring reason for the audience to be more engaged in such a session. The audience will understand what methods could be employed by social enterprises and non-profit organisations in creating economic opportunity for remote villages, as well as lessons learned from both the business delivery and from the funder’s perspective from the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Session format: Roundabout


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Meet the speakers

Amidou Sorgho

Fellow at the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD)

Sonal Asgotraa

Project Manager, Astrostays (Astronomy for Livelihood)