Amplifying Grants through Working with the Private Sector

  September 21, 2020     15:30 -  16:15  

Grant-makers focused on supporting sustainable development objectives in developing countries face a broad and challenging agenda with needs clearly outpacing the amount of philanthropic grant capital that is available. However, in many contexts, a growing number of grant-makers have found that investments made by private investors into businesses serving the needs of low-income populations often can share overlapping objectives. The investments can offer pathways to sustainably improve quality of life for vulnerable and underserved populations. These two types of capital—grant capital and frontier finance investments—can benefit from each other and, in many cases, need each other in order to deliver impacts at scale. Hosted in partnership with the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), this workshop invites grant-making organizations to learn how peers are leveraging working with frontier and emerging markets impact investors to amplify their impact. Hear specific case study presentations provided by grant-makers and their grant partners that explore both the opportunities and the limitations of these approaches to grant-making.

Session format: Workshop


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Meet the speakers

Sean Gilbert

Director of the GIIN’s Member Engagement and Capital Mobilization programs

Raphaël Dumont

Investment Officer, Investisseurs & Partenaires

Fabio Segura

Co-CEO, Jacobs Foundation

Saskia Werther

Programme Manager at DOEN Foundation