All Aboard!

  November 9, 2021     11:00 -  12:00     Online

How to make social enterprise support system and social finance more inclusive? 

EU-funded Better Incubation Project

How to best support social enterprises to become investment ready and to connect them with social finance? What are the peculiarities of social enterprises when it comes to incubation/acceleration/access to finance needs? Which specific approaches should be adopted by the social enterprise support system to ensure that vulnerable groups don’t face barriers when accessing to support programmes or finance?. Well tackle these questions and bring insights from the EU-funded Better Incubation project. 

Meet the speakers

Dr. Markus Freiburg

Founder and CEO, FASE - Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship

Sabina Lobato

Director of Training, Employment and Operations, ONCE Foundation & Director General, INSERTA (ONCE Foundation’s Employment Services)

Guy Lejeune

DG Employment and Social Affairs, European Commission

Sara Seganti

Senior Manager - Training, EVPA