This virtual edition taking place between 21 – 24 September, will be as interactive, engaging and rich in content as our offline events.

We invite you to co-create and to lead content for three different formats: Workshops, the Design Sprints,  and you can also suggest topics for Roundabouts. Please note that the Workshops, Design Sprints and Roundabouts will be taking place in parallel.

The deadline for session proposal submissions has now ended.

It is important to note that approval of your session proposal will be based on the relevance of the session as well as confirmation of your registration to the conference. As an EVPA member, you will be asked to register to the Annual Conference through the EVPA Online, to receive your free ticket. You will receive more information on how to register shortly. Member submissions will be given priority.

If your session proposal is selected, you will be able to refine and complete your proposal until the end of July in cooperation with the EVPA team. It is important however that we get a good idea of your proposal in order to make a first selection. EVPA reserves the right to make the final decision about the programme and sessions of the 16th EVPA Annual Conference.

Contact us if you have further questions. Thank you for your proposals!



Content formats for the 16th EVPA Annual Conference

Workshops Design Sprint Roundabouts
Workshops are interactive sessions for participants to learn, exchange and showcase critical topics in the VP/SI space. We will select cross-cutting topics that relate to the practicalities of VP/SI, whether you are an experienced practitioner or a beginner. It is required for leaders and speakers of workshops to provide deep content and use diverse methodologies. Workshops can have a max of 3 speakers Our design sprints will focus on clearly defined challenges in the venture philanthropy/social investment (VP/SI) space. The role of the participants will be to actively join a design sprint and together, come up with answers/solutions to the particular challenge. There is a fixed format and facilitation will be provided by EVPA. Using diverse online tools that enable interactive online collaboration (i.e. mural, whiteboard, memo, etc.) participants will develop solutions and plan next steps towards their implementation Roundabouts create space for an in-depth discussion on the topic provided. These sessions are designed to stimulate in-depth, intimate conversations and networking. Participants will actively join the conversation and as a host you can start with a presentation or pose a question, issue or challenge. Closer to the virtual conference, any registered participant will be able to propose a roundabout and run it – depending on the availability of slots. Topics are determined by the roundabout host
45 minutes per workshop

+ 30 minutes for Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for participants to engage in direct conversation with speakers

2 hours per design sprint 45 minutes per roundabout

Each roundabout will be repeated so be prepared to do your Roundabout twice!

50 participants max 20 participants max 2 x roundabouts for 4-8 participants
24 workshops 6 design sprints 40+ roundabouts

Programme structure

(full programme coming soon)

Each day will be structured as follow: