Session formats

1. Keynotes (x 4):

  • 25-minute keynote (+Q&A) by highly inspirational speakers to start each day. Find a list of speakers here.
  • Audience: 250 people per keynote

2. Roundabouts (x 80):

  • 45-minute sessions that encourage peers to deep dive into specific themes that are partner driven. These are small interactive discussions with up to 5-8 people per session. Please note that each roundabout session takes place twice on the same day (at 14.00-14.45 and at 15.30-16.15).
  • Audience: 8 people per roundabout (including presenters/speakers)

3. Workshops (x 24)

  • 45-minute sessions with a focus on deep content, learning (and showcasing) that is partner driven and meant for larger groups. Each workshop is followed by a “Ask Me Anything” session (see point 4 below).
  • Audience: 60 people per workshop

4. Ask Me Anything (AMA) (x 24):

  • 30-minute highly interactive sessions after each workshop and keynote for small groups of people to ask the speakers questions and engage further. The sessions will be curated by EVPA.
  • Audience: 20 people per AMA

5. Design Sprint (x 4):

  • 90-minute sessions with a focus on clearly defined challenges for a smaller group of 20 people per session. These will be highly interactive sessions making use of online tools that stimulate interaction. The formats will be provided and co-hosted by EVPA.
  • Audience: 20 people per design sprint

6. Fun Element (x 4):

  • 1-hour open networking sessions to end each day followed by a fun element like a Pub quiz, Disco bingo, Speed dating e.g. that are open to all participants to get to know each other in an informal environment.
  • Open to all participants

7. Road to Porto activities (x 4):

  • Bi-monthly webinars after the 16th EVPA Annual conference leading up to the 2021 edition in Porto that are open to EVPA members. The chosen themes will be linked to topics discussed during the Annual Conference 2020.
  • Audience: 25-40 people per webinar


Crash Course on Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment

The Online Crash Course on Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment is an introduction course to investing for impact in Europe and the core practices of the venture philanthropy approach for funders interested in maximising their social impact. The course will be held online and participants will have access to an e-learning platform for some preparation readings and exercises and to a 3-h live session where experiences practitioners will share their practical experience on how they use the venture philanthropy approach in their funding practice to better support social purpose organisations.

Please note that there is a limited 40 seats available for this course.

Social Enterprise Day

The third day of the conference (23 September) will be dedicated to social enterprises. The programme for the day will mix and match conference participants with a carefully curated selection of social enterprises. The roundabout sessions, for example, will be dedicated to social enterprises and participants can decide which social enterprises to meet during these more intimate sessions. The workshops and design sprint will be dedicated to topics and challenges closely related to social enterprises and similarly the keynote will be delivered by a social enterprise.