We have published 3 new short case studies! Ahead of our conference in Warsaw, discover great examples of social purpose organisations (SPOs) that our members support in Central Eastern Europe!

  • Good Deed Foundation has contributed to setting up Kiusamisvaba Kool, an SPO that implements an anti-bullying programme in Estonian schools. The programme has been successfully implemented in dozens of schools and is now working on covering more schools across the country.
  • TISE has provided a loan to the founders of Novà Cvernovka, a creative hub in Bratisalva to help them refurbish an abandoned building, to grow their space and welcome more artists and cultural events.
  • NESsT has supported Timural, whose Woodjoy brand crafts children’s toys and small furniture while employing people with disabilities and disadvantaged backgrounds in Romania.

Download our leaflets here for more information on these social purpose organisations, their social impact, and the support provided by our members!