VISION-DMD is a patient group, industry and academic researcher driven Horizon 2020 project. Venture philanthropy through patient group funding and public investment has been critical to advance the clinical development of vamorolone, an innovative drug for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). The project hopes to be a model for affordable rare disease drug development while aiming to advance and accelerate the clinical development through late stage clinical trials being conducted in Europe, the US, Canada, Israel and Australia. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme  under grant agreement No 667078.

Since its start in 1974, Rabobank Foundation has been offering poor and disadvantaged groups the prospect of a sustainable future, both in the Netherlands and internationally. For this, Rabobank Foundation pools together financial resources, its expertise and network. The Foundation is the bank’s social fund and aims to invest in people self-sufficiency, and see self-sufficiency as an effective tool for aid and social assistance. Social impact is one of their main strategic pillars and they have a Client Fund, for Rabobank clients to contribute to the work of Rabobank Foundation, and an Employee Fund, where employees and retired employees can support. These are the benefactors of the Rabo Foundation Employee Fund and they donate €4 a month, after which Rabobank matches this sum. This means that employees have ‘double impact’. 

Established in 2018, « Banque des Territoires » is one of the five businesses of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, the French Sovereign Fund. It is a financial toolbox aimed at developing French territories, offering both consulting, advice and financing. Its customers are the municipalities, the social housing corporations, the local public corporations and the legal / notary industry.

Banque des Territoires targets all territories, from the rural countryside to the largest cities, in order to help reduce social and territorial fractures. Banque des Territoires has 15 regional headquarters and 35 local offices in order to better be able to reach its clients.


blueplanet Investments is a future-oriented company builder as well as an active investor who supports companies with equity capital and in the development of their corporation and network. Their investment focus lies on environmentally sustainable, forward-looking technologies and products as well as their fields of application.

Water, as our most important and most precious raw material, is increasingly under threat. Nowadays it is more urgent than ever to protect and to treat this resource. blueplanet Investments stands for innovative technological developments in support of a more preserving and ecologically responsible handling of our blue planet.

With key-investments in the area of water hygiene and water treatment, ecological disinfection as well as health preparations both for humans and animals, blueplanet Investments has its focus on the future and provides solutions for a protected environment and clean and safe drinking water for everyone.

Fonds 1818 is an endowed charity that supports socially relevant projects in The Hague, Delft, Westland, Zoetermeer, Leiden, Duin- en Bollenstreek areas, and the interlinking districts. The Fund evolved after a merger between the Nutsspaarbank in ‘s-Gravenhage and the VSB Bank in 1992.

Fonds 1818 allocates donations to foundations and associations to enable them to run socially relevant projects that will benefit the population of the region.  The fund also supports small groups of citizens without formal ties; so-called citizens’ initiatives.

The advisors at Fonds 1818 are happy to share their knowledge, experience and far-reaching networks. They can offer advice, refer to similar projects or put applicants in touch with potential partners or an external consultant. Fonds 1818 also offers courses, workshops and consulting hours to promote and encourage self-sufficiency and expertise.

The EIB Institute was set up within the EIB Group (European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund) to promote and support socialcultural, and academic initiatives with European stakeholders and the public at large. It is a key pillar of the EIB Group’s community and citizenship engagement.  This includes reducing inequalities, enhancing knowledge, innovation and competitiveness and ensuring cohesion throughout Europe.

They offer advice, finance research and knowledge transfer, and provide grants that support EU social cohesion goals via partnerships with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), universities and academic networks, foundations, research institutes, corporate organisations and governmental bodies.

The EIB Institute supports social innovation and entrepreneurs who target social, ethical or environmental goals or seek to create and sustain social value. This is typically related to unemployment, equal opportunities, the marginalisation of disadvantaged groups and access to education and other basic social services.  A flagship initiative, the Social Innovation Tournament, seeks to promote innovative ideas as well as to identify and reward opportunities promising substantial societal benefits or demonstrating best practices with tangible, scalable outcomes.

In the area of microfinance, the Institute complements the actions of the EIB Group through both its Social and Knowledge activities – mainly through grants and sponsorships – by organising conferences and other initiatives and supporting higher education and research enabling the development of microfinance in Europe and beyond.

Financial education is one of the cornerstones of the EIBI’s strategy for reducing inequalities. We believe that effective promotion of financial education contributes to social and economic development and are actively expanding our activities in this area.