9th EVPA Annual Conference Geneva 2013

On 26 and 27 November 2013, EVPA headed to Geneva, Switzerland for its 9th Annual Conference. Over 500 venture philanthropy and social investment experts and practitioners from Europe and beyond came together to discuss the 2013 principal theme ‘Responsible Leadership: Inspire and Act!’

8th EVPA Annual Conference Dublin 2012

The 8th EVPA Annual Conference,  took place in Dublin on 13-14 November 2012. It addressed the question “Backing the change-makers in a time of uncertainty: can we do more?” The conclusion was that we can and should do more. As Conference Chair David Gold and EVPA CEO Kurt Peleman remarked in their closing session, we need […]

7th EVPA Annual Conference 2011 Turin

The 7th EVPA Annual conference took place in Turin on 16 – 17 November 2011. This year’s conference was titled: “Venture Philanthropy as a Catalyst for Societal Change”. Together we looked at how venture philanthropy is impacting society and how it can generate even greater impact by: Broadening its target sectors from purely social sectors to including […]

6th EVPA Annual Conference 2010 Luxembourg

The 6th EVPA Annual Conference took place in Luxembourg on the 16 – 17 November 2010. It acknowledged that venture philanthropy has come a long way since the first official EVPA conference in London in 2005. The distinction between the nonprofit and the for-profit sector has become blurred with the emergence of social entrepreneurship and the increased […]

5th EVPA Annual Conference 2009 Amsterdam

The 5th Annual EVPA Conference, held at the headquarters of ABN Amro Private Banking in Amsterdam on 17 and 18 November highlighted the work of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises and the role that venture philanthropy could play in supporting them. 350 delegates from 28 countries put forward social enterprise as a model when other […]

4th EVPA Annual Conference 2008 Frankfurt

EVPA held its fourth annual conference at the end of September in Frankfurt. More than 330 delegates, drawn from 26 countries, attended. Strikingly, for what was predominantly a European event, some came from as far afield as India, China and Singapore and the US. Participants heard presentations from both VP investors – among them, Paul […]