Since its start in 1974, Rabobank Foundation has been offering poor and disadvantaged groups the prospect of a sustainable future, both in the Netherlands and internationally. For this, Rabobank Foundation pools together financial resources, its expertise and network. The Foundation is the bank’s social fund and aims to invest in people self-sufficiency, and see self-sufficiency as an effective tool for aid and social assistance. Social impact is one of their main strategic pillars and they have a Client Fund, for Rabobank clients to contribute to the work of Rabobank Foundation, and an Employee Fund, where employees and retired employees can support. These are the benefactors of the Rabo Foundation Employee Fund and they donate €4 a month, after which Rabobank matches this sum. This means that employees have ‘double impact’. 

The Thomson Reuters Foundation leverages the skills, values and expertise of Thomson Reuters to run a number of programs that trigger change and empower people across the world. They provide free legal assistance, media development through their journalism training and media training courses, and in-depth coverage of the world’s under-reported stories. 

The EU has many ways to help fund European social entrepreneurs. At EVPA we made an overview to help you direct to the one you could benefit from. Should you like more specific information, you can have a look at the various websites or contact our Policy Officer Bianca Polidoro.

For our 15th anniversary we wanted to do something special. In collaboration with the municipality of The Hague, we offer all participants to our Annual Conference, an extra day all about social entrepreneurship and impact. On the 4 November, at the same location as the conference, you are invited to ImpactFest. In just 3 days you get to know, feel, meet and see all that is new in our sector. Just another reason to register today!

Some important thought leaders have confirmed their presence and input for the 15th Annual Conference. Amongst them are Luciano Balbo, Chris West, Felix Oldenburg and Cliff Prior. Curious about their main concerns for the sector? Read their articles and get ready to discuss with them during the conference. Click here for more info and to register.

Established in 2018, « Banque des Territoires » is one of the five businesses of the Caisse des Dépôts Group, the French Sovereign Fund. It is a financial toolbox aimed at developing French territories, offering both consulting, advice and financing. Its customers are the municipalities, the social housing corporations, the local public corporations and the legal / notary industry.

Banque des Territoires targets all territories, from the rural countryside to the largest cities, in order to help reduce social and territorial fractures. Banque des Territoires has 15 regional headquarters and 35 local offices in order to better be able to reach its clients.