The deadline for session proposals for the 16th EVPA Annual Conference has now passed! We are tremendously grateful to have received 50+ innovative and meaningful proposals for workshops, roundabouts and design sprints. We will be reviewing applications and hope to finalise the programme for the event in the following weeks. Stay tuned!

The new situation with COVID-19 has catapulted EVPA, like many others, further into the digital space. This is why we have decided, together with the Portuguese community, to postpone our annual conference in Porto to the spring of 2021, and replace the 2020 edition with an online conference from the 21st to the 24th of September, focusing on ‘building partnerships in times of COVID-19: how to deal with the survival, revival and building resilience phases of this crisis’. It will be a dynamic, highly interactive online event, spanning four days and offering participants numerous innovative opportunities to co-shape, re-shape and re-connect. Stay tuned for frequent updates as well as detailed information about the registrations and partnership opportunities on our dedicated website: as well as the next edition of our newsletter and social networks.

All these changes require an important effort and an entrepreneurial spirit of the entire EVPA team: being creative, agile and resilient. But with the support we receive from many of you, which is heart-warming and much appreciated, we are confident that we can continue supporting you and building the Investing for Impact community, even in difficult times.

Read Steven’s complete foreword here.