On 1-2 December 2015, the EVPA team headed to Madrid for the 11th edition of its Annual Conference. It was another great event, where the sector came together and shared ideas, stories, and ambitions for the future.

There were many actors, new and veteran who gave testimonials on the experience and value that this conference added.

Ryan Little, Project Manager, BMW Foundation. EVPA15 Conference committee

“This was one of those rare conferences where decision-makers come together, new partnerships are created, deals are made, and there is a strong bias towards doing. Of course the sessions were packed with content, but it was the deafening roar of the hundreds of simultaneous conversations that were happening during the breaks and receptions and the creative energy you could feel from it that signalled something was really taking hold.”

Zoe McDonagh, International Activity, Fondazione CRT. EVPA15 Newcomer

“The conference gave great insight into the world of Venture Philanthropy, social impact investing and social entrepreneurship – the mix of sectors and experience gave everyone the chance to contribute and learn from one another. The best part was the crash course for newcomers which was fundamental and the perfect opportunity to get into the conference “culture”. The EVPA conference has something for everyone, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, foundations and more – an experience not to be missed.”

Cliff Prior, CEO, UnLtd

“EVPA Madrid showed venture philanthropy and social investment at their best: truly purposeful, building on the foundations and taking some big steps forward, with honest reflections about challenges as well as practical solutions from real experience. And as ever, the people made it, with exceptional opportunities for networking and valued connections. Congratulations to the team!”

Darren Ryan, CEO, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

“There is nothing quite like meeting somebody from a similar organisation to your own and discussing shared challenges and opportunities. You can learn more in a 30 minute conversation than reading any articles on Venture Philanthropy. This is the true beauty of the EVPA Conference. While I attend for the great speakers and sessions, the best value comes from those individual conversations with so many European leaders.”

If you want to see the pictures of the event, please visit the album.