What is the Impact Month?

With a series of events throughout November catered to the different stakeholders in the impact ecosystem, we will explore how investing for impact can be a driving force for societal recovery and transformation. How impact leaders, impact funds, private and public capital providers, corporate social investors, and others can mobilise resources for a better society, and collaborate to achieve transformative outcomes.

You can expect thought-provoking and inspirational speakers and discussions, interactive workshops, knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and a space to share your learnings and perspectives with fellow practitioners.

In a context of social, environmental and economic challenges exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, investing for impact is emerging as an effective strategy to achieve long-lasting social change. We must not go back to business as usual, which is what has led to many current crises, from climate change to widespread poverty and inequalities. Instead of building back—even if it is “better”—let us be more ambitious and aim for societal recovery and transformation!

Three thematic streams


Mobilising resources

We will share key insights and examples of initiatives where diverse resources and funding mechanisms were implemented to achieve a sustainable and resilient recovery and to build shared ownership of solutions that can be implemented at scale.

Joining forces

We will explore how investors for impact, their investees and other stakeholders are joining forces to build transformative change.

Driving change

We will explore how the investors for impact community is using the opportunity of crisis to achieve better outcomes, and to inspire and drive change towards social recovery and transformation.

Who is it for?

All those within the broad impact community or interested in learning more about investing for impact: investors, foundations, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, market builders, academics and more!

Impact Funds Initiative Gathering

FOR> practitioners within EVPA’s Impact Funds Initiative. We will gather for a working session at the Impact Fest in The Hague to discuss main challenges and opportunities.

WHEN > 4 November | The Hague

Corporate Social Investing Crash Course

FOR> those interested in learning more about how corporate foundations, sustainability groups, corporate accelerators and funds contribute to the impact ecosystem and how to go beyond CSR practices to become agents of change.

WHEN> 8 November | Online

EVPA Annual Conference 2021

FOR> everybody! This content-rich online event for the wider impact community will feature inspiring perspectives from thought leaders and engaging discussions on social recovery and transformation.

WHEN> 9 November | Online

Investing for Impact Crash Course

FOR> newcomers to the impact space who want to build their knowledge and skills to maximise their social impact.

WHEN> 10 November | Online

Investors for Impact Forum

FOR> who is who in the impact space. This intimate, invitation-only event will bring together 150 senior-level capital providers in Porto, who will discuss how to mobilise resources for recovery, as well as strategic directions for the impact sector.

WHEN> 15 November | Porto

C Summit

FOR> practitioners and experts. EVPA’s annual gathering of European corporate philanthropy and social investing main players will bring the corporate impact community back together in Porto, in cooperation with Dafne and EFC.

WHEN> 15-16 November | Porto